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30 Bennitt Road

Boerne, Texas 78006

- Haul-In's Welcome in Texas. 

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Casey is happy to come to your location nationally or internationally.

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Equine or Canine Osteopathic Services.

"Casey is a selfless giver and an open receiver of knowledge. I’ve known other practitioners who become complacent or even defensive about what they know, but Casey is always pursuing new science, insights, and methods to bring back to us!


Casey is an educator rather than a teacher. She doesn’t just memorize and recite medical information about muscles, bones, fascia, organs, hooves, and teeth. Her goal is to provide you with an understanding of WHY so that you can make the best decision for your horse and sustain the work that she does.  Casey also understands people and can tactfully involve the horse owner at the level of their understanding.


I also really respect how Casey can envision what is best for the horse long term and employ the appropriate technique for that horse’s unique situation. Recently, I heard her tell an apprentice, ' Don’t think about what you want the horse to look like tomorrow. For his well-being, think long term. Consider the horse as a sculpture subject to physics with a limited rate of growth. Layer by layer you address what you can without over correcting and creating setbacks. '  


Casey has a genuine regard for the horse and they love her for it. I love her for it!"


- Megan Kinney

Belton, Texas Trainer

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