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About Casey


Casey M. Jones began her formal equine education in 1998 – attending the Equi-Myo West Institute in Santa Rosa, California – where she studied equine trigger point and myofascial release.


During this time, she learned from some of the pioneers in the field – Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Diana Thompson, Susan Tenny, and Tony Gonzales. Casey spent her practicum working at various racehorse and hunter jumper facilities as a groom and body worker.

 In her quest to learn more about Eastern and Western medicine, she joined Dr. LuAnn Groves, as a veterinarian tech at The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center. Here, she learned about and assisted Dr. LuAnn Groves with chiropractic work, E-stem acupuncture, homeopathy, and many other body work modalities. Casey’s time at The Whole Horse clinic gave her the opportunity to work closely with Jock and MVDr. Ivanna Ruddock, founders and educators of Equine Touch, as well as with Janek Vluggen DO, MRO, EDO®, founder of The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy & Education.


 Inspired by Janek’s vast knowledge of equine anatomy, and the effectiveness of osteopathy on horses, served as a catalyst for Casey to become an Equine Osteopath, EDO®. She is a graduate of the Vluggen Institute and has served multiple years as a board member of the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths. Currently Casey is under going studies at the Academy of Animal Sport Science. 

"I really appreciate the support that Casey provides to help me continue taking excellent care of my horse.

She is so knowledgeable and so good at making connections with various factors. From saddle fit to wear patterns to changes in how my horse is traveling - Casey doesn’t miss a thing!  


My horse is so much more comfortable in his pelvis, neck, and head with the adjustments that Casey has made. And even though it can be challenging to work on his hind end, Casey can cajole him with a gentle reminder to “be sweet” and he tries so hard to please her. She just makes all the horses happy!"

- Lynne Boggs, DVM

 Austin, Texas

casey rasping (1).jpg

Paralleling Casey’s equine bodywork is her trimming business. Her trimming technique is influenced by Gill Gooden, Ove Lind, Don Mackenzie and research of Dr. Robert Bowker.


Casey is a certified natural hoof care practitioner from the School of Liberated Horsemanship and member of the American Association of Professional Farriers. These vast influences, combined with her knowledge of equine osteopathy, lead her to develop her own style of trimming, which she refers to as Structural Barefoot Trimming.

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"I have never been as impressed with an equine bodyworker as I am with Casey. I’ve known her for years, and we have collaborated frequently, but last January I had the great fortune of having her work on all 4 of my wonderful horses.

They’ve had plenty of bodywork but the sessions with Casey were so peaceful. I appreciate that, based on her observations, she was able to give me suggestions on nutrition and supplements that were exactly what he needed. I noticed a tremendous shift in his well being.


So many practitioners get stuck in what they are “assigned” to do and they end up working AT the horse instead of WITH the horse. Not Casey! She gives the horse time to express themselves and she pays attention to what the horse says and needs. She is flexible on how the session goes while still getting the job done. Casey is just amazing!"

- Diane Sept

Senior Connected Riding Instructor

& Gaited Horse Trainer

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