Performance Hoof Care Combined with Bodywork to Maximize Mobility

Casey M. Jones, EDO, EqTPMT & CHCP promotes the body’s natural healing ability by specializing in equine osteopathy bodywork, trigger point myofascial therapy and structural barefoot trimming services.


By applying her knowledge of parietal, visceral and cranial-sacral Osteopathy systems to 22 years of hands-on experience, Casey cultivates harmony within

all functions of the equine body.


Equine Diplomat of Osteopathy

International Registry

of Equine Osteopaths


Equine Trigger Point


Certified Hoof 
Care Practitioner

Liberated Horsemanship

Hoof Care Professional

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“Casey is an amazingly caring and genuine person. I always look forward to her visits and the animals show that they do too by all crowding around her when she arrives.

Casey is always willing to share her expansive knowledge, answer questions, and provide referrals for anything we need. Even though I am not the most experienced with equine care - I would do anything for my pets. I’m so fortunate to have a friend like Casey who so generously guides me to make the right decisions for my animals!”


 - Heather Luecke

Hoof Class Series

with Ida Hammer

1st class is Exploring the Equine Hoof 

Oct 18th, 2019 10am - 4pm

Class cost is $50

(Min 5 - No Max)

*In-class lecture


2nd class Beginner Hoof Class

Oct 19th, 2019

Class cost $250

Auditors $125

(Min 5- 10 students)

*Applied trimming & dissection class on cadaver hooves. 


3rd class Hoof Wear Patterns/Footfall Analysis

Oct 20th, 2019

Class cost $150

(Min 5 - No Max)

*Very cool class with slow-motion video to see footfall, movement and how we make changes with bodywork & hoof.



Lecture classroom in nearby 108 Avenue E, Waring, TX 78074

30 Bennitt Road Boerne, Texas 78006


*Get in touch for accommodation details.

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